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Tuesday, 1 August 2017

The Russian Lighthouse Society

by Vasily Korablev

In 2016, the Russian Lighthouse Society was registered an official, non-profit organization, adding the Fund for Support of Lighthouses and Lighthouse Keepers. This allows us to officially interact with organizations in Russia and abroad.

Web: |
Skype: windfinder77
Mobile: +7-926-209-07-51

Endeavors of the Russian Lighthouse Society:
  • Organization of development and implementation of projects and programs aimed at the preservation of marine heritage objects
  • Preservation and popularization of Russian maritime heritage
  • Participation in protection and rescue from the destruction of lighthouses, as objects of marine heritage through the organization of their repair, conservation and modernization, as well as care for the good condition of these facilities
  • Establishment of prizes and grants to enhance the Funds
  • Organization of thematic exhibitions in Russia and abroad (including lighthouses and objects accompanying them) for the protection of maritime heritage, economy, and marine culture, and in particular, the history of sea lighthouses, as well as the popularization of the opening of access to lighthouses for organizing and conducting these exhibitions
  • Creation of film, video, audio, photo, and other multimedia products, including the programs necessary to support the activities of the society
  • Provision of information and consulting services in the field of organization and conduct of scientific, cultural, and educational activities on the subject of the Fund's activities
  • Dissemination of knowledge about the material and spiritual marine heritage and their protection, as well as strengthening the interest of the society, including among the youth, addressing issues from the field of marine heritage and its protection, history, maritime culture and collecting
  • Development of contacts and cooperation between similar foreign societies of lighthouses lovers of other countries, and other public and private organizations, funds, museums, civil initiative projects
  • Support for persons with disabilities in order to equalize the chances of access to marine heritage sites
  • Support and popularization abroad of Russia's maritime heritage
  • Support of maritime traditions, as well as development of civil and cultural consciousness
  • Organization of competitions, including photographic, cinematographic, and literary, concerning Russian and foreign lighthouses
  • Systematization, preservation, and provision of information about lighthouses, personnel of lighthouses, collection of interviews and other information
  • Popularization of the International Day of Lighthouses
  • Support of the lighthouse keepers that have fallen into difficult life situations
  • Support for scientific research on the history of the creation of lighthouses
  • Creation and support of information resources on the internet, covering the activities of the society
  • Implementation of publishing and printing activities, including the publication of books, pamphlets, magazines, covering the activities of the society
  • Interaction with interested bodies of state power and local self-government, public associations, religious organizations, scientific, tourist, educational, educational institutions, mass media in order to achieve the goals set for the society
  • The organization of tourist and local history events related to the society’s statutory goals, including tourist excursions, with an integrated program of activities that includes transportation, accommodation, meals, visits to lighthouses and maritime museums
  • Initiation and creation of a museum of lighthouses of the world, which has stationary and mobile exposures
  • Promotion of international cultural relations

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