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Friday, 27 October 2017

Sligo Bay (Ireland) Lighthouses

On a camping trip in October, on the shores of Sligo Bay (Republic of Ireland), I photographed this character. Apologies for the poor quality, but he is quite a distance out, plus I was coping with Storm Brian. The Metal Man is, in some ways, the opposite of a traditional lighthouse. He stands 4.3 metres tall and he’s dressed like a Naval officer. His weight is 6.3 tonnes and he points out to Mariners where to sail, in a deep channel of water. He has done so since 1821! And this particular day, he had a feathered friend perched on his head! 

I have also included photos of a small, disused lighthouse (on an island) and a taller lighthouse in action (quite a distance out to sea), both visible from the same place from where I photographed the Metal Man. 

Lee Maginnis (Northern Ireland) 

Metal Man, Rosses Point, County Sligo, was originally located where Blackrock lighthouse now stands, but the merchants of Sligo decided Perch Rock was better. An acetylene light was established 6th October 1908 and was converted to propane on 9th October 1979. (Information courtesy of John Eagle & the Commissioners of Irish Lights)

Oyster Island, Rosses Point, County Sligo: Two lights were established 1st August 1837 forming leading lights from Sligo Bay into the Channel to Sligo Port. They were replaced by a sectored temporary light 15th February 1891. The discontinued towers were taken down in 1893. The North tower was rebuilt and became a rear leading light with the Metal Man in 1932. The light was converted from acetylene to propane 9th October 1979. (Information courtesy of John Eagle & the Commissioners of Irish Lights)
Blackrock, County Sligo, is located in Sligo Bay. It was converted into a lighthouse from an unlit beacon in 1835. The tower is 25m high, white with a black band. The light is 24m above MHWS and has a range of 13 nautical miles. It has been unwatched since 29th November 1934.  (Information courtesy of John Eagle & the Commissioners of Irish Lights)

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