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Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Membership Survey Report

December 23, 2017

Final Survey Results:

Everything about lighthouses & related subjects
Info on International lighthouse books, contact names in different countries for lighthouse information, societies, organizations, etc.
ILLW reports
Historical reports & papers
Historical accounts about lighthouses and stories about lighthouse keepers
News about lighthouses that is “newsworthy”
Education Programs
History, Lighthouse Stories
New History/ New Historical Research
There are lighthouses all over the globe that we hear very little about. Many are not accessible.
Photographs of lighthouses around the world
Historical events at lighthouses
Lighthouse history
Relevant websites
Please include lightships
Must also include lighthouses in the UK and Ireland
Photography; navigational issues current and past
History of lighthouses

I have no expertise in anything much, just some interest!
Very little lighthouse knowledge
Related historical events
Bahamian Lighthouses
Western Australian Lighthouses
Amateur Radio Lighthouse Events
Local Lighthouses
I would give members only advice if they were visiting UK lighthouses
General technical aspects
Other nav marks such as tourelles, Balises, Daymarks
Unable to travel now - so just interested in reading and studying all about lighthouses
Farne Islands
General-just interested
Amateur Radio (HAM)

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